(per 1 or 2 weeks)

Piano or Theory courses

Lesson duration Price per lesson
30 minutes 32 euro
45 minutes 40 euro
60 minutes 47,5 euro
60 min. -18 years 45 euro

Terms And Conditions

  1. The student reserves a particular day and hour for his/her lessons, in agreement with the teacher’s schedule. Holidays of schools/educational institutes and examination periods are taken in account for the scheduling of the classes.
  2. The student receives a card stating the number of lessons purchased. Whenever a lesson takes place, this is mentioned in the card, so that the student can trace at any moment how many lessons are left.
  3. The payments are done following a schema, formed after an agreement between the teacher and the student. If the payment is not following the mutually agreed schema, then the teacher has the right to stop the lessons and terminate the agreement.
  4. In case the student is incapable of attending a lesson because of illness or other special reasons, he/she should notify the teacher at least 24 hours before the lesson about the cancellation of it. The notification of the student to the teacher about the cancellation of the class is considered valid only by sending an e-mail to info@pianolesleuven.be , informing about the cancellation. Only under these conditions he/she has the right to reschedule the cancelled lesson, within the period of the present agreement’s validity. In any other case, the lesson is considered as given by the teacher, and the student will be charged for that particular lesson.
  5. In case the teacher is incapable of giving a lesson because of illness or other special reasons, the lesson is rescheduled for another day and hour, always in accordance with the schedule and availability of the student, and within the period of the present agreement’s validity.
  6. Refund of fees for missed classes is not possible.