Endorsements - Reviews about Pianoles Leuven.

  • After a stop of almost a decade, I started taking piano lessons with Alex. After only 4 months I already noticed great improvement not only in my technical skills and hand dynamics but also in my musicality. He inspires me through his own love for music. Alex is an example of the best that a music teacher can offer. I’m verry impressed by his approach of teaching, how he diagnoses my piano playing and works with me to create new ways for rebuilding the incomplete components. Through positive reinforcement, humor and a lot of patience he leads me to strive for excellence.

    Ineke (27)
  • Alex is first of all a great pianist who really plays his instrument with feeling and emotion. When teaching the piano he’s not only providing you with the knowledge and tools to learn to better play your instrument, he is also capable of transposing this feeling onto the student in metaphoric ways and that helps me really to understand and to try and become a better pianist. Alex is a perfectionist with an eagle eye for detail but he listens to the student and understands very well what the goal is that you want to achieve so playing also stays fun and challenging at the same time.

    Dietrich (32)
  • The classes with Alex are fit personally on every level (interests, skills and progress) without neglecting the necessary theoretical and technical demands for piano playing. Above that, Alex is the kind of teacher that is very involved in your progress, he challenges you but will always give the necessary guidance. A nice extra is his knowledge of music history.

    Pieter (24)
  • Alexios’ teaching style is described best when I say that you can learn from him in an easy going and free ambiance. The positive feedback you receive and his great interest in you on a personal level are both great. It is because of this, that Alexios creates a safe environment to realize his (for every student different) unique lessons. In short: a teacher who gives room for personal growth without putting too much pressure on you.

    Elise (29)
  • Alex is one of the most patient piano teachers I’ve ever had. He really gives you time to figure out everything and always makes sure you’re comfortable while doing so. When doing an exercise he’s very attentive to the way you play so he can give little comments with which you’re able to make progress quickly. I’ve had several teachers before Alex, but I’m really glad I ended up here.

    Jamina (19)
  • Alex is a passionate and excellent piano player and his talent is translated to his teaching skills. He is patient and flexible in his methods. He realises the difficulties of his students and adapts to it. An amazing human being that identifies even your emotions during class. It is a pleasure to have him as my piano teacher.

    Tatiane (39)