About - Pianoles Leuven is the piano and music workshop of Alexios Lizos. It is devoted to offer a connection to people of any musical level, age and interest. Its main teaching philosophy is to help students discover, appreciate and improve their musical abilities, have fun, reach their full potential and overcome possible musical and technical difficulties by establishing a safe emotional teaching environment.


Aim of the methodology is to provide to piano enthusiasts & professionals an effective and enjoyable way of honing their musical skills and talent, while creating or extending their artistic insight, based on a better conscious musical awareness of their mental and physical function. Central core of the educational approach is the respect to the individual personality of every student, their learning ratio, needs, targets, and repertoire taste. Based on that idea, the lessons are cut out for:


People/students of every age who wish to start piano classes from “scratch-zero”. Basic parameters such as the work-load/schedule, musical taste, age, are shaping the teaching approach, offering a pleasant learning process.


People who had piano/music classes in the past, and would like to start again. Previous experience is taken into account, various aspects of piano playing – if missing – are settled, and new teaching and musical material is offered.

Auditions/Exams preparation

People who have to present a program for “getting” a new grade, entrace examinations in Academies/Universities, Competitions, etc. Based on the examination standards, a detailed study/practice schema is formed, with extra-emphasis on correct ways of practicing, technical aspects, musical phrasing and aesthetics, forming a convincing and confident interpretation.


Starting from the age of 4, music and piano can be taught in form of pleasant and challenging musical games, introducing gradually and carefully the secrets and joys of music-making. According to the age, different duration of lessons can be proposed.


People who wish to focus more on the theoretical aspects of music. Upon request and interest, the lessons can be specialized in theory, harmony, harmonical and morphological analysis, solfege & dictee, history of music, and introduction to counterpoint and fugue techniques.