Teacher - Alexios is a holder of a Master’s degree in Piano Performance “magna cum laude”, after studying with prof. Alan Weiss in LUCA School of Arts – Campus Lemmensinstituut (2014). He graduated from the Music Studies Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with an extended Bachelor’s degree in Music Pedagogy/Musicology with Honours (2012). He received his Piano Diploma and Harmony degree from the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.


An active participant in seminars, special piano courses and music education conferences (ISME, EAS), he nurtured his teaching skills during the last 7 years by giving piano and music theory classes privately or in various music conservatories, gaining valuable experience and recognition.


Fascinated by recent implications of neuroscience findings in music education and music psychology, his bachelors and masters thesis researches were focused on the morphological and functional effects of music education on an emotionally-guided musical brain.


An active solo and ensemble artists, since 2011 he performs as a cello-piano duo with Dimitrios Karagiannakidis (GR), and from 2016 as a violin-piano duo with Dries Brouwers (BE). He followed specialized studies on pianoforte and historical interpretation and currently he is practicing under the mentorship of prof. Jan Vermeulen.


Since 2015, he is the founder of the workshop “Pianoles Leuven” [PL], with the intention to form, alongside with his students, a piano practice methodology, based on a neuropsychological perspective.


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Piano Teacher Alexios Lizos

Piano Teacher | Alexios Lizos