Lessons - The lessons are conducted in English, Dutch and Greek. They take place at the workshop's address. The lessons are offered as packages of 20, 10 or 5 lessons, or as single lessons. The package lessons can be organized following a weekly or two-weekly schema, allowing the student to reserve a particular day and hour for his/her lessons, in agreement with the teacher’s schedule. According to the preferences of the student, the classes can focus on piano only, theory of music, or a combination of the two. All prices include taxes. Bachelors, Masters and PhD students get a 5% reduction for any of the 60 minutes lessons upon presentation of a valid student card. For more details, any suggestions, adaptations, proposals for different realizations, don't hesitate to send your question through the contact form on the bottom of the page. Scroll over the boxes bellow to see the prices. By clicking on the boxes, you can get more information about the terms of agreement.

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Het Huis van Haroen” opens his doors as a working space and a meeting place for artists and anyone who likes to explore his or her artistic and/or philosophical feelings in a respectful way to everyone.